the culinary atelier in Vienna

Andante is designed as a platform for cultural and culinary encounters. We have created a space where strangers and friends immediately feel comfortable sharing their culinary heritage.

With Andante, we have a new “stage” – a room to learn something new, as well as to rediscover old recipes and techniques.

How do you make the perfect dough for an “Apfelstrudel”? How do you make hummus, falafel or burek? What do organic vegetables or grass-feed beef taste like? How do you recognize genuine olive oil? Where can you get a perfect pecorino cheese?

Take a journey with us into the cultural and culinary diversity of yesterday and today.

*   1,070 ft2 room with show-kitchen (gas + induction oven)
*   Fully equipped gastronomic kitchen
*   Dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans, accessories, … for up to 50 guests
*   Sonos sound system & 65” screen
*   Wireless camera broadcasting cooking shows on the main screen

In addition to cooking activities, the room is available for all kinds of seminars and workshops as well as private and corporate dinners, celebrations,…

Contact us and we will be more than happy to send you a customized offer to best fit your needs and budget!

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